Charitable Giving of 2022

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Net proceeds from the Fortinet Championship support Bay Area and Napa Valley non-profit organizations that share the Fortinet vision of building an inclusive and diverse workplace that will close the cybersecurity skills gap.

Proceeds from the Fortinet Championship have been designated to benefit nonprofit organizations in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM); diversity and inclusion; reskilling programs, as well as local Napa-area nonprofits.

The Fortinet Championship was pleased to pair with the following organizations during the 2022 tournament:
Alaina’s Voice Foundation, Cameron Champ Foundation, Eat. Learn. Play. Foundation, Keller Restaurant Relief Fund, Napa Valley Vine Trail Coalition, Queen of the Valley Foundation, WINE WOMEN, and the Travis Air Force Base Reserves.


Alaina’s Voice Foundation

Alaina’s Voice’s mission is to inspire hope and kindness in our communities through education, music, and mental health initiatives. Alaina Maria Housley died on November 7, 2018 when someone entered the Borderline Bar in Thousand Oaks California, while she was line dancing and shot her, and 11 other people, taking their lives. While her body is gone, her voice will live on. The foundation believes stopping one act of senseless violence in the future may not be measurable, but it is worth saving one more life and one more family the heartache.

Cameron Champ Foundation

The Cameron Champ Foundation is committed to unlocking the potential in and transforming the lives of youth from underserved and underrepresented communities. The foundation is dedicated to providing greater accessibility and inclusion in the game of golf, and to supporting kids in all aspects of their lives.

Eat. Play. Learn.

Eat. Learn. Play. Foundation is an organization dedicated to unleashing the potential of every child, paving the way for amazing kids and opening doors to bright futures. Founded by Stephen and Ayesha Curry in 2019, Eat. Learn. Play. launched with a focus on improving the lives of kids and families in Oakland, the Bay Area and across the country. Rooted in three of the most vital pillars for a healthy childhood—nutrition, education and physical activity—Eat. Learn. Play. is working to ensure that every child in Oakland has access to the nutritious food they need to be healthy and thrive, resources to become better readers, and safe places and equitable opportunities to play. The organization, which is anchored around the message that children are our future, is committed to developing partnerships and initiatives that make a positive impact for generations to come.
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Keller Restaurant Relief Fund

With the ever-evolving landscape devasting the hospitality profession, the Keller Restaurant Relief Fund exists to help your favorite server, the bartender who knows your mood, the chef who sends an extra course, the porter who is integral to everything we do, or the management and administrative teams who work tirelessly behind the scenes. In a world that has changed dramatically over the course of mere years, the need is still there.

Napa Valley Vine Trail Coalition

The Napa Valley Vine Trail Coalition is a grass-roots nonprofit with a vision to build a walking/biking trail system to connect the entire Napa Valley–physically, artistically, and culturally. The coalition is working to design, fund, construct, and maintain 47 safe and scenic miles of level, paved, family-friendly, dog-friendly, free-access Class I trail, stretching from the Vallejo Ferry to Calistoga. As the active corridor of the Napa Valley, the Vine Trail provides many safety, health, environmental, transportation and economic benefits for everyone.

Queen of the Valley Foundation

Queen of the Valley Foundation partners with community members and donors to support and sustain access to the highest quality of health care. The Foundation has raised more than $120 million to fund cutting-edge technologies, equipment, programs, and services at Providence Queen of the Valley Medical Center. Thanks to the generosity of our community members, we are able to provide world-class care to everyone who visits, lives, and works in Napa County and the surrounding areas, including those who are most vulnerable.


WINE WOMEN was launched with the goal to champion the advancement of women’s professional careers in the wine industry by fostering and nurturing talent, providing networking and training opportunities, and advocating for better professional opportunities. Members enjoy educational, networking and career-building opportunities through professional forums, WINE WOMEN events and mentorship. Opportunities to learn, grow, and build one’s resume also exist through volunteering in a variety of exciting roles and utilizing benefits at partners’ programs.